Over the past 10 years we have listened to our clients’ likes and dislikes, and based on their feedback we have structured an All-Inclusive Jet Card Membership Program that includes all costs associated with the client’s purchase of a block of flight hours. With our Jet Card programs, you are simply deducted for the time in the air, and nothing else.

All-Inclusive Membership

  • No hidden costs.
  • No long-term commitments.
  • No large capital outlay.

Personal Service

  • Get your own dedicated personal aviation specialist.
  • Plus 24/7 support of our entire team.

Safety-First Mission

Based on our Safety-First Mission, we insist that all of our aircrafts and pilots not only meet, but exceed, the more rigorous and exacting FAR 135 standards.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A Jet Card is a prepaid card, bought in 25-hour increments, that is redeemed to book a flight on one of our private aircrafts with as little as 24-hour notice. It’s a simplified and cost-effective way to experience our safe and luxurious private travel!
    Absolutely not. We ensure our program is all-inclusive with no hidden or changing costs.
    No, you are not. Our programs are all-inclusive. You are only billed for time in the air and nothing more.

    Yes, there are no penalties for downgrading or upgrading in aircraft size. We only ratio your hours up or down, depending on the class of jet.

    All membership hours never expire. Hours carry over with no penalties and can also be transferred to whomever you wish at any time.

    Yes, you can utilize as many aircraft as you desire. If you choose to, you can have multiple aircraft in the air at the same time.

    The cardholder does not have to be on the aircraft, but does have to grant permission for the new lead passenger.

    We require 24 hours advance notice for all U.S. trips and 72 hours advance notice for international trips to book your aircraft. During peak holiday travel, we require 96 hour advance notice to book.

    The only additional fees on membership pricing are for Premium Catering, Ground Transportation, De-Icing.

    Pricing & Details Purchase a 25 Hour Jet Card and Get Five Hours Free

    Light Jet Card
    (Hawker, Beechjet, Citation)
    All-in Per Hour
    All-in 25 Hours
    Midsize Jet Card
    (Citation, Lear, Hawker)
    All-in Per Hour
    All-in 25 Hours
    Super Mid Jet Card
    (Citation, Falcon, Challenger)
    All-in Per Hour
    All-in 25 Hours
    Heavy Jet Card
    (Gulfstream, Falcon, Challenger)
    All-in Per Hour
    All-in 25 Hours

    The Sky Is Yours Access Thousands of Jets at a Moment’s Notice

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    Heavy Jets
    Jets.com performs as agent for the customer and arrange all flights on behalf of charter clients with FAA-certified and DOT-registered FAR Part 135 direct air carriers, or foreign equivalent, who exercise full operational control.